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Discover Homemade All Natural Designer Soaps by Misteria Soaps & Skin Care

Hey there, natural products lovers! I want to share an amazing find with you all - homemade all natural designer soaps made by amazing Elena Vaskova Childers of Misteria Soaps and Skin Care, the winner of The Soap Challenge Club.

Just check out her creations made with wonderful things like the oil of red palm, coconut oil, and superb essential oils. Here is what Elena said about one of her latest soap bathes,

"A new batch of soap, boiled on organic coconut oil with essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender. It is believed that coconut soap is best for household needs rather than the body. But this is my favorite soap for the body. If you want a soap that would wash you up to a squeak - this is it. At the same time, it is not as aggressive as any industrial soap."

Elena also makes soap stones. Light stones - with Bergamot & Lemon EOs and enriched with coconut milk and hemp oil. Dark stones with Bergamot & Lemon EOs + Ginger juice and bamboo charcoal.

If this is not enough, Misteria Soaps and Skin Care also makes anti-aging & moisturizing creams and hyaluronic gels.

Just message Elena to see what's available.


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