Want a longer shinier hair? Pfff, no problem! A few essential oils and you are on your way there. Take it from girl who goes from pixie cut to shoulder length in a half a year!

Here are the oils I use:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Have fun!!!

I bet you have a few scar on your body. Most scars are a part of some memorable experience like learning to ride a bike or one of those, "Hey, look what I can do!" But some of those "memories" just don't look to great. But if your scar takes center stage, there are ways to reduce its appearance naturally with a power of essential oils. I will give you a list of my favorite oils that you can always get off Amazon.

Lemon Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil, 4oz

Tea Tree Essential Oil, 10ml

Lavender Essential Oil, 4oz

Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml

Carrot Seed Essential Oil, 4oz

Carrot Seed Essential Oil, 10ml

Myrrh Essential Oil, 1oz

Myrrh Essential Oil, 5ml

Geranium Essential Oil, 4oz

Geranium Essential Oil, 10ml

What's all the buzz about this oil? Can it help you lose weight and improve your skin? Yes! Many times yes.

This is what we use in our daily life to cook with, to brush our teeth, for natural deodorants and skin lotions.